Andys Golf Days

Andy's Golf Days 2020

Jan 3rd. Old Course, 10.00, €75, Buggy €25.
Jan 8th. Millennium, 10.30, €50 Sweep Inc, Buggy €25.
Jan 15th. Vale Do Lobo Royal, 12.50. €60 Sweep Inc, Buggy €30.
Jan 22nd. O'Connor, 11.06, €65 Buggy Inc.
Feb 5th. Palmares, 11.06, 4 Man/Lady Team.
Feb 12th. Pinheiros Altos, 12.58, €50.
Feb 19th. Pinheiros Altos,13.06, €50.
Feb 24th. Salgados, 12.00, Greensomes.
Feb 27th. Pinheiros Altos, 12.00, 4 Ball Betterball.
Jun 27th. Salgados, 09.36.
Jul 1st. Gramacho, 11.06.
Jul 11th. Salgados, 09.36.
Jul 18th. Gramacho, 09.45.
Jul 22nd. Vale Da Pinta, 11.06.
Jul 25th. Salgados, 09.36.
Jul 27th. Paul Norman Invitational. TBA.
Jul 29th. Gramacho, 11.06, Al's Bar Society Day.
Aug 5th. TBA.
Aug 12th. TBA.
Aug 19th. TBA.
Sep 2nd. TBA.
Sep 23rd. Silves, 11.06, 2 Ball Betterball. Sponsored By Pestana, Presentation In Clubhouse.
Oct 7th. Pinheiros Altos, 12.58.
Oct 14th. Pinheiros Altos, 11.46.
Nov 4th. TBA.
Nov 11th. TBA.
Nov 18th. TBA.
Please arrive at the course at least 30 minutes before your tee time. If you call off less than 48 hours before your tee time and a replacement cannot be found you MAY be liable for payment.