Atlantic Golf Society 2018

April 4th- Pinheiros Altos, 11.46*, €55, Non-Members €60, Sweep, Chicken And Chips Inc, Buggy €25, Sponsored by Atlantic Bar.
May 2nd - Palmares, 11.00*, €80, Sweep, Buggy Inc. Presentation at Palmares.
June 13th - Vila Sol, 13.00, €50, Non-Members €55, Sweep, Chicken And Chips Inc, Buggy €30. Sponsored by andygolf.
July 4th - TBA. Sponsored by Supercraft.
September 5th - Quinta South, 12.15**, Sponsored by Burrowhead Holiday Village.
October 17th - Palmares, 10.00*, €80, Non-Members €90, Buggy, Sweep, Chicken And Chips Inc. Sponsored by CL Solutions.
*Denotes Singles Stableford, ** 2-Ball Betterball.
Society Days. Please Arrive At Least 30 Minutes Before Your Tee-Time. Presentations At Atlantic Bar 19.45, Chicken And Chips 20.00.

Membership €40, no annual subscriptions. Non-members please pay Seamus/Andy/Rob when you register for an event. Non-members need to provide handicap certificates. Non-members are welcome to join the sweep but can't win trophies. If you call off less than 24 hours before your tee-time you MAY be liable for payment. Committee Members - Seamus Fox, David Pugh, Andy Willimott and Russell Wane.

Hall Of Fame
 Atlantic BarAndygolfSupercraft StructuresBurrowhead Holiday VillageC.L. SolutionsLast Event Results
2018Fraser Graham 35pts
2017Declan Towey 35ptsMick Kavanagh 36 ptsIan Lee 40ptsAlison & Martin Walkden 49ptsNigel Doyle 40pts1st Jim Magee 30pts
2016Matt Shaw 36ptsRob Thorne 37ptsMatt Shaw 35ptsSeamus Fox & Ian Lee 43ptsDavy Pugh 35pts2nd Ian Simpson 29pts
2015Tony Foster 34ptsFraser Graham 37ptsDavid Harpur 33ptsMick Kavanagh & Tom Poolton 43ptsGraham Parker 36pts3rd Tom Poolton 29pts
2014Elaine Lopategui 32ptsIan Simpson 40ptsTony Foster 33ptsIan Simpson & Derek Toward 40ptsWilliam Stewart 40ptsNearest The Pins
2013Martin Brown 30ptsMick Kavanagh 37ptsDavid Harpur 35ptsMick Kavanagh & Tom Poolton 38ptsWilliam Stewart 39ptsTom Poolton & Fraser Graham
2012Fraser Graham 37ptsFraser Graham 35ptsAdrian Fairclough 36ptsSeamus Fox & Ian Lee 45ptsMarie Harpur 39pts
2011Bomber O'Malley 34ptsSteve Bruce 38pts
2010Shaun Reavey 38pts