Atlantic Golf Society 2017

April 19th- Pinheiros Altos, 12.00*, €55, Non-Members €60, Sweep, Chicken And Chips Inc, Buggy €25, Sponsored by Atlantic Bar.
May 3rd - Palmares, 11.30*, €80, Sweep, Buggy Inc. Presentation at Palmares.
Thursday June 15th - Vila Sol, 11.15*, €50 Inc. Sweep, Buggy €30, Presentation in Atlantic Bar 17.30. Sponsored by andygolf.
July 19th - Quinta South, 12.16. Sponsored by Supercraft Structures.
September 6th - Quinta South, 12.15**, Sponsored by Burrowhead Holiday Village.
November 1st - Palmares, 09.30*, €80, Non-Members €90, Buggy, Sweep, Chicken And Chips Inc. Sponsored by CL Solutions.
*Denotes Singles Stableford, ** 2-Ball Betterball.
Society Days. Please Arrive At Least 30 Minutes Before Your Tee-Time. Presentations At Atlantic Bar 19.45, Chicken And Chips 20.00.

Membership €40, no annual subscriptions. Non-members please pay Seamus/Andy/Rob when you register for an event. Non-members need to provide handicap certificates. Non-members are welcome to join the sweep but can't win trophies. If you call off less than 24 hours before your tee-time you MAY be liable for payment. Committee Members - Seamus Fox, David Pugh, Andy Willimott and Russell Wane.

Hall Of Fame
 Atlantic BarAndygolfSupercraft StructuresBurrowhead Holiday VillageC.L. SolutionsLast Event Results
2017Declan Towey 35ptsMick Kavanagh 36 ptsIan Lee 40ptsAlison & Martin Walkden 49ptsNigel Doyle 40pts
2016Matt Shaw 36ptsRob Thorne 37ptsMatt Shaw 35ptsSeamus Fox & Ian Lee 43ptsDavy Pugh 35pts1st Nigel Doyle 40pts
2015Tony Foster 34ptsFraser Graham 37ptsDavid Harpur 33ptsMick Kavanagh & Tom Poolton 43ptsGraham Parker 36pts2nd Ann Campbell 39pts
2014Elaine Lopategui 32ptsIan Simpson 40ptsTony Foster 33ptsIan Simpson & Derek Toward 40ptsWilliam Stewart 40pts3rd Lady O'Grady 38pts
2013Martin Brown 30ptsMick Kavanagh 37ptsDavid Harpur 35ptsMick Kavanagh & Tom Poolton 38ptsWilliam Stewart 39pts4th Chris Dale 37pts
2012Fraser Graham 37ptsFraser Graham 35ptsAdrian Fairclough 36ptsSeamus Fox & Ian Lee 45ptsMarie Harpur 39ptsNearest The Pins
2011Bomber O'Malley 34ptsSteve Bruce 38pts2nd Charles Hopkins
7th Eileen Farren
2010Shaun Reavey 38pts12th Helena Burke 16th Paul Thorne